Christmas and the last couple of weeks have been good to me. I’ve eaten whatever I wanted, drank whatever I’ve wanted and really had no restrictions which is exactly what my body and mind needed. 
So what, I’ve picked up a couple of kgs, I’m a little squidgy around the sides, not as toned and my abs are nearly gone (altho, if you squint with one eye closed you can still see them) my skinny jeans are a tad too tight for my liking but you know what...FUCK IT!!! 
For years my mood was dictated by what the scales read or how I looked in the mirror. I was far too strict on myself and if I’m being honest sometimes I still am. Something, I’m still working on.
As lovely as the last couple of weeks have been I’m now ready to get my fitness goals underway for 2018. 
You’ve been asking, so, here are a few tips if, like me, you want to get back on track. 
1. Water Water Water- flush those toxins out of your body and keep yourself fresh and hydrated. I like to start my day with a hot water and fresh lemon. Great little kick starter in the morning
2. Cut down on alcohol- I’m actually doing dry Jan but if not try and cut back on the sugary drinks ie wine and cocktails instead choosing maybe a gin and slim line tonic or one of my favs is vodka lime and soda
3. Get moving- if you’re not big on exercise, incorporate gradual activity into your week. It maybe a walk with a friend or even trying out a new Gym class. As most of you know I suffer from time to time with anxiety and exercise has been my saving grace
4. Be mindful of what you’re eating. Fill up on veggies and fresh fruits. Not too much fruit tho as there is a lot of sugar if you’re over doing it (I know it’s hard to keep up) but I like to aim for 2 pieces of fruit a day and LOTS of veggies. 
5. Try a meat free day. I’m cutting out meat in January as a little challenge which I know to some maybe a bit excessive but why not try incorporating meat free days. Reducing our meat intake has many health benefits (I’ll do another post on this) as well as positive environmental factors